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UK F-35B jets to fight against Daesh

According to information published by the Government of the UK on May 5, 2021, F-35B fighter jets operating from HMS Queen Elizabeth will join Operation Shader in the fight against Daesh. Read full news at this link An RAF F35 preparing for take off from the aircraft carrier HMS Queen …

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Russia creates Udar combat ground robot – Part 2

Udar can increase capabilities thanks to additional drones. It has already been tested with drones, including connected ones that are powered by Udar. Such drones are good for reconnaissance, situation awareness, and retransmission of signals in communication systems. Read full news at this link… Udar combat ground robot in a …

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Airbus secures multiple contracts to further increase the communications capability for the UK MoD

Airbus has been awarded a series of contracts during the first quarter of 2021 from the UK Ministry of Defence (MOD) both as part of its continuing programme of upgrading and enhancing services for the Skynet 5 military satcom services contract, and continued work with the MOD’s Defence Digital organisation. …

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