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Suns v. Bucks: A Case for Connaughton

I would like to thank the Sports Information director at Notre Dame for writing my Case for Connaughton. One can't even get to his stats —the breakdown of his freshman through senior seasons (you can read that again: a four-year collegiate basketball player still exists in the NBA!) without wading …

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Suns v. Bucks: Team Williams

While sports networks might not be overjoyed that the NBA Finals feature the Milwaukee Bucks vs. the Phoenix Suns, Irish hoops is celebrating this match up. Two graduates of the University pf Notre Dame are contributing to "The Association" at the highest level. Monty Williams '93 —head coach of the …

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Breakfast Without Wimbledon

Dear Sports Fans, Is there a name for this? It's that feeling you get when a major sporting event—The Masters, the World Series, the Stanley Cup final or in this case, Wimbledon—has come to a close for another year. It's not a hangover, for you just can't get enough of …

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