Is The EU ‘Playing’ Politics With The Russian Vaccine Sputnik V

Strategic Culture Foundation: EU’s Own Goal by Playing Politics With Russian Vaccine
The European public can see more clearly than ever that their unelected highly paid bureaucrats are risking pandemic recovery by playing politics with Russia’s vaccine.
Italy is to be the first European Union state to produce the Russian Sputnik V vaccine for immunization against the new coronavirus. It was confirmed this week by the Russian-Italian Chamber of Commerce.
The Russian developer of the vaccine says there are other deals underway with Spain, France and Germany to manufacture the Sputnik V shot locally. This follows several EU and non-EU members already approving use of the Russian vaccine, including Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, as well as Serbia, Moldova and Montenegro.
Polls are showing the majority of European public want a bigger uptake of Sputnik V in addition to other approved vaccines. This reflects widespread frustration with the slow rollout of immunization by the EU authorities due to supply problems with Western manufactured jabs.
WNU Editor: Some EU countries who are facing vaccine shortages are saying "enough is enough" …. Countries split from EU on COVID-19 vaccines (Lancent). More here …. Russia's Sputnik V Covid vaccine gaining acceptance in Europe (The Guardian).
The EU is not the only place "playing" politics on vaccines. I live in Canada, and I still do not understand why Russia's Sputnik vaccine has not been looked at. This vaccine has a 92% efficacy rate (according to Lancent).
And then there is this insane policy from the Ukraine government …. No Sputnik Shot For Ukraine As Kyiv Bans Registration Of COVID Vaccines From 'Aggressor States' (RFE).
Update: Are Russians avoiding the Sputnik vaccine? I inquired when I read this …. Why many in Russia are reluctant to have Sputnik vaccine (BBC). All my friends and family in Russia disagree. They have and/or will be taking their shots, and everyone they know will also be taking the vaccine.Original Article

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