Senior Military Leaders React To Tucker Carlson’s Remarks That The U.S. Military Leadership Are More Concerned With Wokeness Than Winning The Next War

Tucker Carlson, FOX News: Tucker Carlson: Is the military more concerned with wokeness than winning the next war?
Joe Biden would rather talk about maternity flight suits than the threat of China
Joe Biden was elected as a moderate who was going to stay the course and return this country to normalcy. As it turns out, Biden is changing this country faster than any president ever has. Our job is to pay attention to how exactly Joe Biden is changing it. The New York Times isn’t going to tell you, and we think you have a right to know.
Now, not every change that Joe Biden makes will matter over time. Despite all the huffing and puffing, a lot of things that presidents do are quickly forgotten. Some of the things he promises won’t happen; others are just symbolic ring-kissing, designed to appease the interest groups that got him elected. But some of Biden’s changes are very real, and they matter very much. Nothing matters more than what Joe Biden does to the U.S. military.
WNU Editor: The first video above is the video that has elicited the response from many Democrats and the Pentagon. The second video is Tucker Carlson's response to their reaction.
Tucker Carlson has clearly touched a nerve among Democrats and their supporters in the Pentagon. Check out their reaction below. And most of it does not even address what Tucker Carlson actually said.
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