Iranian Dissident Group Claims To Have Uncovered Another Undeclared Nuclear Site

NCRI images of what it says was a now-scrubbed nuclear site. (NCRI/Google Earth)
FOX News: New Iran headache for Biden as dissident group claims to have uncovered another nuclear site
The Biden administration has indicated it wishes to return to the Iran nuclear deal.
An Iranian opposition group that first exposed Iran’s nuclear weapons ambitions in 2002 claimed this week to have uncovered new evidence of yet another undeclared nuclear site that has since been scrubbed clean.
At a news conference Tuesday, the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) gave more information on the site located in Iran’s Abadeh region. It claimed the site was sanitized in July 2019 and was overseen by the recently assassinated chief nuclear scientist, Moshen Fakhirzadeh. International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) inspectors were only allowed into the site in late August.
WNU Editor: The UN's nuclear watchdog (IAEA)has also flagged two Iranian sites …. Exclusive: IAEA found uranium traces at two sites Iran barred it from, sources say (Reuters).Original Article

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