Did A Libyan-Owned Ship Sailing From Iran Launch An ‘Environmental Terror’ Attack Against Israel?

Orange pins a re for beaches which are in their initial cleaning stages; yellow pins indicate beaches with low pollution levels, or beaches which are in the advanced stages of cleaning; while green pins mark beaches with very light pollution levels.
Jerusalem Post: Libyan ‘terror’ ship sailing from Iran behind massive oil spill – Gamliel
"A 19-year-old Libyan-owned ship is responsible for the massive tar pollution which hit Israeli shores."
A Libyan ship that set sail from Iran, was the vessel responsible for a massive oil spill in the Mediterranean Sea that has damaged Israel's coastline, Environmental Protection Minister Gila Gamliel announced on Wednesday.
The minister described the pollution as an act of “environmental terror” undertaken by a Libyan-owned ship when it sailed from Iran loaded with crude oil.
WNU Editor: The environmental damage is major …. Oil Spill Off Israel's Coast Is Its Worst Maritime Pollution in Decades, and Cleanup 'Could Take Years' (Haaretz)Original Article

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