U.S. Air Force To Test Its Infrastructure Against A Simulated EMP Attack At Joint Base San Antonio In Lackland, Texas

A right front view of an E-4 advanced airborne command post (AABNCP) on the electromagnetic pulse (EMP) simulator for the testing. Wikimedia
NextGov: Air Force Base Prepping for EMP Vulnerability Tests
In response to a Trump administration executive order, Joint Base San Antonio is getting ready to test its infrastructure against a simulated electromagnetic pulse attack.
An Air Force base in Texas is getting ready to test its infrastructure against an electromagnetic pulse, or EMP, attack and needs to do preliminary site surveys to design future tests.
Officials at Joint Base San Antonio in Lackland, Texas issued a request for quote for an EMP-tailored survey of the Petroleum, Oil and Lubrication, or POL, complex, which consists of multiple buildings in two areas of the base connected by an underground pipeline.
WNU Editor: The U.S. Air Force is hardening some of its key aircraft …. Air Force Wants to Harden the B-2 Bomber to Withstand an EMP Attack (Military.com).Original Article

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