U.S. Army To Conduct Live -Fire Test Using AI To Share Data Between F-35s, A-10s, HIMARS Rocket Launchers, And Satellites

Army HIMARS trucks launch Guided Multiple Launch Rocket System missiles
Breaking Defense: Army AI Gets Live Fire Test Next Week
In an unusual bottom-up initiative, the 18th Airborne Corps is developing its own AI targeting system – and the corps’ fire support coordinator says he wouldn’t go to war without it.
WASHINGTON: The 18th Airborne Corps will host a live-fire experiment the first week of March, using artificial intelligence to share targeting data amongst Marine F-35s, Air Force A-10s, ground-based HIMARS rocket launchers, and commercial satellites.
The AI-driven system – developed in large part by 18th Airborne itself — is already mature enough to let the corps strike more targets, more quickly than ever before, wherever it deploys, the corps’ fire support coordination officer, artillery veteran Col. Joe O’Callaghan said.
“The AI we work with today is ready now; it’s ready to fight tonight, and we would take it forward with us,” O’Callaghan told me in an interview. It’s tied into what he called a “nascent JADC2 network” – short for Joint All-Domain Command & Control, a top Pentagon priority – that connects multiple services’ sensors from ground to air to space.
WNU Editor: If this works as advertised, warfare as we know it will forever change.
Hat tip James for the above link.
Update: Here is an interesting post on AI in the military …. War Mongering For Artificial Intelligence (Dr. Binoy Kampmark, South Front).Original Article

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