Nessa Criticized Jay-Z’s NFL Deal And Set The Record Straight About Colin Kaepernick

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Nessa isn’t happy about Jay-Z’s new deal with the NFL and she definitely isn’t happy about what the rapper said about her boyfriend, Colin Kaepernick. The former San Francisco 49ers quarterback is currently out of a job, likely the result of his nonviolent protest of police brutality against people of color.

On Wednesday, Kaepernick honored the third anniversary of the start of his nonviolent protest, which began by sitting during the national anthem before games and later became Kaepernick and others kneeling during the performance. The protest drew headlines around the world and Kaepernick has donated his time and money to charities that work to support those impacted by police violence, and as his unemployment continued many others in sports and entertainment.

One of those notable entertainers is Jay-Z, who went as far as to try convincing Travis Scott not to perform at the half of this year’s Super Bowl over Kaepernick. That’s what made Jay-Z’s deal with the league so curious for many, and despite his own defense of the situation he continued to receive criticism about the deal, including Kaepernick’s girlfriend, Nessa, was also critical of Jay-Z on Hot 97 on Wednesday.

“I don’t mind you doing a business deal – but I do mind you wrapping it in social justice when you’re working with an organization that denies someone an opportunity.” – Nessa

— Captain Cristobal (@CRS_One) August 14, 2019

“The disappointment in Jay-Z isn’t in the partnership. The disappointment is wrapping it in Social Justice.” – Nessa.

— Captain Cristobal (@CRS_One) August 14, 2019

“Jay has phenomenal music, he’s done so much nobody’s taking that away from him! Do your business! But don’t talk to me about that League when they’re doing dishonorable things.”

— Captain Cristobal (@CRS_One) August 14, 2019

“You don’t have to report to anybody! – but don’t you dare call it a social justice reform attempt when it comes to working with that company. Don’t mess with my family!”

— Captain Cristobal (@CRS_One) August 14, 2019

Nessa isn’t the only person who was critical of Jay-Z and Roc Nation on Wednesday. Eric Reid, who protested and filed a grievance with Kaepernick when they were teammates on the San Francisco 49ers, also spoke critically of Jay-Z’s defense of the deal.

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