Nashville Singer-Songwriter Erin Rae’s ‘Bad Mind’ Video Is A Contemplative Appeal To A Higher Power

Nashville singer-songwriter Erin Rae‘s Putting On Airs was one of the best folk records of 2018. Rae’s delicate voice and thoughtful songwriting take the listener inside her mind, as the record lays bare her emotions, reactions, and how she sees the world.

Rae has released a video for one of the album’s standout tracks. “Bad Mind” is intimate and confessional, as Rae relays a family struggle that had a huge effect on her. Rae calls back to the past to explain the present, exploring the shared histories between family members and herself. The video shows Rae alone, exploring a blooming spring field and looking thoughtful among the trees and flowers.

“‘Bad Mind’ for me was an attempt at a conversation with myself and a higher power to better understand and heal where my relationship fears have been coming from,” Rae says of the song. “Writing it and especially releasing it has led to conversations with others about their experience, and a newfound sense of compassion for myself and this process.”

Rae has a busy summer lined up — she’ll open for singer-songwriter John Paul White on tour beginning in May, and she’ll open for alt-country singer Dylan LeBlanc and Father John Misty later this summer.

Watch Rae’s video for “Bad Mind” above.

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