60 Most Inhumane Ways That Cities Try To Fight Homeless People From Sleeping In Public Places

Hostile architecture. You might not be familiar with the term, but you've probably seen it in action. Those spikes on the window ledges, designed to keep the birds away. Or, in a more sinister fashion, things like strategically-placed armrests or rocky floors, cynically installed to ensure that vulnerable people in need of shelter are forced to look elsewhere.

Not only are homeless folks discriminated against directly and culturally, but also structurally too. These exclusionary designs, denying people even the right to find a place to rest, are a stark illustration of our society's collective disregard for basic humanity. Surely we can do better than this?

This heartbreaking list, compiled by Bored Panda, shows some of the most offensive examples of 'anti-homeless' designs, and it will make you ever so grateful for that roof over your head. Because it seems that if misfortune strikes and you should one day happen to lose it, you are most certainly not welcome to try and find a place to sleep on the streets.
Scroll down to see what we mean for yourself, and let us know what you think in the comments.

#1 You’ve Got To Be The Worst Kind Of Heartless Twat If You Can Go Around Slashing Homeless People’s Tents

Image credits: JessieKer

#2 Anyone Else Find This Ironic?

Image credits: OhbamanableSnowman

#3 Someone Installs These Poles To Prevent The Homeless From Sleeping Here, They Find A Solution Anyways

Image credits: therewasanattempt

#4 Bench In Volgodonsk, Russia

Image credits: Burpalot

#5 Modern Problems Require Modern…oh Wait

Image credits: unknown

#6 Oh Yeah, Let’s Create More Hostile Architecture

Image credits: mastermeowlificent

#7 I Like To Think That We Are Better Than This. Architecture That Discriminates Against An Already Marginalized Population Is The Laziest Way To Address The Issue Of Homelessness. If We, As A Public Health Provider, Resort To Doing This, What Kind Of Example Are We Setting?

Image credits: iantoryes

#8 This Man Removed 'Anti-Homeless' Devices From Benches And Ended In Court

Image credits: euronews

#9 There Are A Few Different Varieties But They All Serve The Same Purpose

Image credits: tx1383

#10 When You’re Inclusive But Still Hate The Poor

Image credits: isaacazuelos

#11 Cut In The Shape Of An Obelisk, They Are Installed On A Private Site In Paris. Imagine A Homeless Man Who Would Lose Balance In The Middle Of This Work Of 'Art'? Or A Child?

Image credits: Dégustation de Bon Sens Liège

#12 Anti-Homeless Architecture

Image credits: Arnaud Elfort, Guillaume Schaller

#13 Anti-Homeless Studs!!

Image credits: Andrew Horton

#14 Man Sleeping On A Anti-Homeless Bench

Image credits: Chimichanga007

#15 An Eyecatching Response To Mumbai’s Homelessness Crisis

Image credits: simonmundy

#16 When You Wanna Look Inclusive But Hate Homeless People

Image credits: Unknown

#17 Anti-Homeless Architecture

Image credits: fluter

#18 How To Avoid Homeless People To Sleep In Public Places

Image credits: Porco_cane

#19 Return To Hostile Architecture?

Image credits: rwade300

#20 Spotted This Abomination In La

Image credits: Exciva

#21 There Are Separated Benches In My City

Image credits: theboomboy

#22 Anti Homeless Spikes

Image credits: henryqs

#23 Anti-Homeless Architecture

Image credits: fluter

#24 Armrests For Comfort. Totally Not To Stop Homeless People Lying Down…

Image credits: theobanger

#25 Montreal Has Probably The Least Subtle Implementation Of Hostile Architecture I Have Ever Seen

Image credits: AdaRook666

#26 No Hanging Out In The Corner

Image credits: CaraChellew

#27 Another Portland “Bench” (Cesar Chávez Blvd). Kills My Eyes (And Back) Just Looking At That Seating Angle

Image credits: chalhobgob

#28 The Worst Example Of Anti-Homeless Architecture I've Ever Seen

Image credits: CommunistOrc

#29 What Even Is This?

Image credits: Tabisama

#30 More Anti Homeless Spikes….so Much For Community Spirit

Image credits: rMoiraStilwell

#31 Confused Lumbar Support For One Bar Support

Image credits: IAmTheColorTheft

#32 Fanciest Hostile Architecture I’ve Seen In Person

Image credits: Little_Barnabus

#33 Installed Around Paris, Unsure Of Exact Purpose

Image credits: theobanger

#34 Aritistic Anti-Homeless Bench

Image credits: Laurie Avocado

#35 Anti-Homeless Architecture

Image credits: fluter

#36 Anti-Homeless Architecture

Image credits: fluter

#37 Metro Stop Bench Is Tilted So Attempting To Lay Down Ends Up With You Sliding Off

Image credits: supremecrafters

#38 Hostile Architecture By Madison Square Park: Benches Built At An Incline, Rendering Sleep For Houseless People Impossible

Image credits: jersing

#39 Newly Built “Benches” Spotted In Riverdale Park East

Image credits: CaraChellew

#40 Flat Ventilation Grate Level With Ground; Homeless Slept On It For Warmth. A Few Months Ago The Grate Was Reno'd With A Slope

Image credits: nathanng

#41 Tonight, We Noticed A Theatre Had These Removable Anti-Homeless Spikes In Their Doorway

Image credits: HomelessReach

#42 In Paris Large Stones Placed Under Bridge To Stop Refugees From Sheltering Or Sleeping Near The Official Camp

Image credits: calaisolidarity

#43 London Shops Put "Anti Homeless Spikes" To Stop The Homeless From Sitting In Their Buildings

Image credits: IDontBeleiveImOnFIre

#44 Don't Sit Here – Anti-Homeless Bench In Mall

Image credits: kabads

#45 Mumbai's Hdfc (Fort Branch) Installs Anti-Homeless Spikes To Tackle The Homelessness Crisis

Image credits: Bapu_Ji

#46 This New York City Bench

Image credits: JamaicanRiceRat

#47 Anti-Homeless Architecture

Image credits: Chris_CPH

#48 According To Last Figures, Madrid Counts Over 2700 Homeless Persons Which Encounter A Bombastic City Replete With Hostile Architecture At Bus Stops, Private Shops And Public Buildings And Parks

Image credits: citiesfightingthehomeless

#49 Not Exactly An Environmentalist Post Today, But What Do You All Think Of Anti Homeless Infrastructure? I Feel Like It Isn't Talked About A Lot. These Spikes Were Installed With The Malicious Intent To Prevent A Homeless Person From Sleeping On The Side Of The Street

Image credits: herbivorechronicles

#50 This One Is In China

Image credits: tx1383

#51 I've Never Seen So Many Spikes – NYC

Image credits: bounceyboy

#52 Bench In Clearwater Beach, Florida

Image credits: Mirror_Sybok

#53 At Least It Looks Cool

Image credits: Tremont99

#54 Tiny Benches In Utah

Image credits: OLPLXIX

#55 These Lovely Seats In A Paris Metro Station.

Image credits: theobanger

#56 Anti-Homeless Architecture

Image credits: fluter

#57 Anti-Homeless Architecture

Image credits: usbeketrica

#58 Anti-Homeless Architecture

Image credits: Nils Norman

#59 Anti-Homeless Architecture

Image credits: Survival Group

#60 Anti-Homeless Architecture

Image credits: Arnaud Elfort, Guillaume Schaller

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