Video: Scorpio-M Scorpio-S made in UAE UGV NIMR Ajban Unmanned Ground Armed Robotic Vehicle

The UAE-based companies ADASI and NIMR, subdivisions of EDGE, have designed and developed new generation of combat robots. ADASI has launched mini- and small-UGVs, named SCORPIO-M and SCORPIO-S respectively, that are stealth in operation, with the capability to climb slopes and stairs at a gradient of 40-45 degrees and communicate with the autonomous control station at a range of up to 3 km. ADASI has collaborated with NIMR, its sister company within EDGE Group, to convert the AJBAN 440A armoured 4-door manned vehicle into an unmanned system called the AJBAN armed robotic vehicle (ARV). Full video at this link …

Technical review ADASI Scorpio-S Scorpio-M Unmanned Ground Vehicle NIMR Ajban ARV

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