Thai Defense Ministry certifies Panus R600 8×8 armored vehicle

Panus Assembly’s newest R600 8×8 Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV) prototype was certificated by the Armament Standard Committee of the Ministry of Defense of Thailand on 25 March 2021, Defense Studies reports. The R600 8×8 is sold at a unit price of 60 million baht (USD 1,969,800). If equipped with Turkey's Aselsan Nefer 30mm remote-controlled turret, the price climbs to 120 million baht (USD 3,939,540).

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Panus R600, 8×8 and 8-wheel steering amphibious IFV developed at the Royal Thai Marine Corps' request, here in a command post version. The eight run-flat tires are protected by Hutchinson's Tire Shield system (Picture source: Army Recognition)

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