11 Km Ilha Grande/Foz do Rio Palmares Challange, the first RS open water swim race after the retake of activities was a success

The open water swimmers Kassius Prestes, Gustavo Brenner, Thiago Schmitt, Marcio Weber, Jeferson Fischer Sperb, Wilmar Araújo, Gerson Martins, and Rubens Assis accomplished this Sunday (11/04), the 11 Km Ilha Grande / Foz do Rio Palmares Challenge. Kassius was the first to complete the crossing in 2h5m7sec. Two speedboats, a fishing boat, and three kayaks accompanied the swimmers throughout the course, under the supervision of Francismar Siviero.

Ilha Grande, the starting point, is located between the lagoons of Casamento, Rio Manjolo, and Lagoa dos Patos. It has 1800 uninhabited hectares. The fauna and flora are preserved, and several species of orchids, bromeliads, cactus, palm trees, centenary fig trees can be found. In the characteristic fauna, you can see caturritas, tarrãs, swamps, capybaras, armadillos, wild horses, and several birds. Further inland from the island is the Rio Morto, which receives its name because it cannot be navigated due to the thick vegetation that grew in the riverbed.

The event, organized by the Nadando Pelos Cartões Postais Project, was supported by Weber Super Oil Change, Super Lang Palmares do Sul, Mormaii Natação and Decathlon Iguatemi.

The Nadando Pelos Cartões Postais project seeks to unite sport and ecological awareness with its open water activities. Find out more on how to participate and support this project at https://www.facebook.com/worldswim/

Text and photos by Soraya Siviero

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