White House Admits That Intel On Russian ‘Bounties’ On U.S. Troops In Afghanistan Is ‘Shaky’

A US army captain stands near a burning armored vehicle destroyed by an improvised explosive device (IED) in the Arghandab Valley north of Kandahar, Afghanistan, in 2010. Photograph: Bob Strong/Reuters

BBC: Afghanistan war: US spies doubt reports of Russian 'bounties' for troops

The White House has acknowledged there was little evidence that Russia had offered Taliban militants bounties to kill US soldiers in Afghanistan.

A spokeswoman for President Joe Biden said the claim had "low to moderate confidence" from US spy chiefs. Russia has denied paying the bounties.

In last year's US election, Mr Biden heavily criticised Donald Trump for not confronting Russia over the claim. It comes amid new sanctions on Russia and US plans to leave Afghanistan.


WNU Editor: When this story first broke out I mentioned on this blog that it was bogus. Cannot say that I am surprised that months later the Biden White House is now acknowledging it.

Update: No kidding ….. Tom Cotton: Intel on Russia bounties 'selectively leaked' to media to help Biden campaign (FOX News). It was also used by never-Trumpers …. Punching Right: Liz Cheney Was Top Never-Trump Peddler Of Debunked 'Russian Bounties' Story (Zero Hedge).

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