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Queen Elizabeth II bids a final farewell to her late husband, Prince Philip, at a funeral restricted by coronavirus rules but reflecting his long life of military and public service

— AFP News Agency (@AFP) April 17, 2021

For the first time in more than six decades, Cubans won’t have a Castro guiding their affairs. Raul Castro, 89, said he is resigning as head of Cuba’s Communist Party, ending an era of leadership that began with his brother Fidel and the 1959 revolution.

— The Associated Press (@AP) April 16, 2021

Uruguay was doing so well it considered declaring itself Covid-19 free in June 2020 after several days with no new infections – but today the country is suffering the world's highest coronavirus infection rate

— AFP News Agency (@AFP) April 16, 2021

U.S. administers 202.3 mln doses of COVID-19 vaccines – CDC

— Reuters (@Reuters) April 16, 2021

Can you imagine the storm in our media if Trump had sent Pence to welcome the prime minister of Japan, our most important ally in Asia?

— Mike (@Doranimated) April 16, 2021

Unusually frank warnings and a sense of shared resolve marked Friday's White House meeting between President Joe Biden and Japan Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga. It was Biden's first face-to-face talk with a foreign leader as president.

— AP Politics (@AP_Politics) April 16, 2021

Eritrea admits presence in Ethiopia's Tigray, tells U.N. withdrawing

— Reuters (@Reuters) April 17, 2021

Fleet formation.
The Theodore Roosevelt Carrier Strike Group sails in formation with the Makin Island Amphibious Ready Group in the South China Sea.

— Department of Defense 🇺🇸 (@DeptofDefense) April 16, 2021

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