Pfizer CEO Says A Third Covid Vaccine Will Be Necessary Within 12 Months

President Joe Biden listens to Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla speak at the Pfizer Kalamazoo Manufacturing Site February 19, 2021, in Portage, Michigan. Brendan Smialowski | AFP

CNBC: Pfizer CEO says third Covid vaccine dose likely needed within 12 months

Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla said Thursdaypeople will “likely” need a booster dose of a Covid-19 vaccine within 12 months of getting fully vaccinated.

He also said it’s possible people will need to get vaccinated against the virus annually.

“It is extremely important to suppress the pool of people that can be susceptible to the virus,” he told CNBC’s Bertha Coombs during an event with CVS Health, adding vaccines will help fight the emergency of highly contagious variants.


WNU Editor: After reading reports like this one …. Covid variant from South Africa was able to ‘break through’ Pfizer vaccine in Israeli study (CNBC), and this one …. Third Dose Of COVID-19 Vaccine May Be Required To Fight New Strains (IBTimes). No one should be surprised that a third vaccine/booster shot is now in the works.

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