Official Swiss Aquatics Team Roster for the LEN European Swimming Championships in Budapest/HUN

The official Swiss Aquatics Team Roster team roaster for the LEN European Championships (50m) 2021 in Budapest/HUN is as follows:


Head of Delegation: Markus Buck, Swiss Aquatics Swimming Head of elite Sport – Swimming

Federation Coach: Massimo Meloni, Swiss Aquatics Swimming Head Coach Training Base Tenero – 1 Athlete with Noé Ponti

Coaches: Pablo Kutscher (SCUW) – Mandate „Relay-Coach Women“, 3 Athletes with Maria Ugolkova, Antonio Djakovic and Jolann Bovey

Dirk Reinicke (LIMMAT) – Mandate "Relay-Coach Men“, 4 Athletes with Yannick Käser, Lisa Mamié, Tamara Schaad and Julia Ullmann

Clément Bailly (GN1885) – 4 Athletes with Jérémy Desplanches, Roman Mityukov, Nils Liess and Sasha Touretski

Gabriel Schneider (SVSW) – 1 Athlete with Marius Toscan


Dr. Philip Wildisen, Swiss Aquatics CMO

Physio: Hugo Pinto, Swiss Aquatics Swimming Medical-Team

Sebastiano Nutarelli, Swiss Aquatics Swimming Medical-Team

Training Scientist: Dr. Dennis Born, Swiss Aquatics Swimming/BASPO Training Scientist

Referees: Daniel Laube

Pierre Melini

Media: Patrick Krämer, Swiss Aquatics Swimming Photographer

Officials: Philippe Walter, Swiss Aquatics Swimming Sportdirektor (17.-20.05.)


Maria Ugolkova (SCUW – Coach P. Kutscher) – 200 IM «OQT» at FINA WC 2019; 4×100 FR, 4×100 IM (FR), 4×100 IM MIX (FR)

Lisa Mamié (LIMM – Coach D. Reinicke) – 200 BR «OQT» at FINA WC 2019; 100 BR; 4×100 IM (BR), 4×100 IM MIX (BR)

Nina Kost (LYN – Coach A. Kreisel) – 200 BA, 100 BA, 50 BA, 50 FR; 4×100 FR, 4×100 IM (BA)

Fanny Borer (NYON – Coach N. Horter) – 200 BA

Tamara Schaad (LIMM – Coach D. Reinicke) – 200 BU (2001&younger)

Julia Ullmann (LIMM – Coach D. Reinicke/F. Tretin) – 100 BU (2001&younger)

Leoni Richter (LN – Coach S. Morini) – 4×100 FR

Noémi Girardet (LYN – Coach B. Benjamin) – 4×100 FR

Sasha Touretski (GN1885 – Coach L. Trincat/C. Bailly) – 4×100 IM (BU)

Jérémy Desplanches (GN1885 – Coach L. F. Pellerin) – 200 IM «OQT» at FINA WC 2019; 200 BR, 100 BU, 400 IM

Roman Mityukov (GN1885 – Coach L. Trincat/C. Bailly) – 200 BA, 100 BA, 200 FR, 100 FR; 4×200 FR, 4×100 FR, 4×100 IM (BA), 4×100 IM MIX (BA)

Noé Ponti (NSL – Coach M. Meloni) – 200 BU, 100 BU, 50 BU, 200 FR, 200 IM; 4×200 FR, 4×100 FR, 4×100 IM (BU), 4×100 IM MIX (BU)

Antonio Djakovic (SCUW – Coach P. Kutscher) – 400 FR, 200 FR, 100 FR; 4×200 FR, 4×100 FR, 4×100 IM (FR)

Nils Liess (GN1885 – Coach L. Trincat/C. Bailly) – 200 FR; 4×200 FR, 4×100 FR

Thierry Bollin (SKBE – Coach L. Frank) – 100 BA, 50 BA

Marius Toscan (SVSW – Coach G. Schneider) – 400 IM

Yannick Käser (LIMM – Coach D. Reinicke) – 200m BR;4×100 IM (BR)

Jolann Bovey (SCUW – Coach S. Solberg) – 200m BR

Additionally Julia Hasler and Christoph Meier from Liechtenstein Swimming will accompany us.

Open Water


Elena Nembrini, Swiss Aquatics Swimming Leading Coach Open Water

Trainer: Gabriel Schneider (SVSW) – 1 Athlet mit Christian Schreiber


Christian Schreiber (Jhg. 2002; SVSW – Gabriel Schneider): für die 5km

Unterbietet die geforderte Limite über 1500m Freistil an der SM 2021 in Uster mit 15:55,63

In Ermangelung eines Open Water Qualifikationswettkampfes, aufgrund der COVID-19 Pandemie, aber aufgrund sehr guter Ergebnisse im Becken sowie seines Potentials für Open Water, empfehlen wir Christian die Möglichkeit einzuräumen, im Rahmen der EM über 5km Erfahrung zu sammeln. Dies entspricht dem Vorgehen für Athleten seines Jahrgangs bei Europameisterschaften im Beckenschwimmen.

Stefan Trümpler Medienverantwortlicher

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