China’s New Aircraft Carrier Is Similar In Size To The U.S. Navy’s Super Carriers

This commercial satellite image shows the massive hull of the Type-003 aircraft carrier. Based on the dimensions of the hull near the waterline, the overall carrier appears nearly as large as the US Navy's Ford Class ships.

Naval News: China’s New Aircraft Carrier Is In Same League as US Navy’s Ford Class

The Chinese Navy is radically modernizing its capabilities. Chief among these are a fleet of aircraft carriers. A new satellite image clearly shows the Type-003 aircraft carrier taking shape in Shanghai, and it is the largest so far.

A new aircraft carrier being built in Shanghai is significantly larger than the current two in service with the Chinese Navy (PLAN – People’s liberation Army Navy). Combined with the expected CATOBAR configuration, where jets are launched by a catapult and recovered using arrestor gear, it should also be able to carry heavier planes. This should further increase the potency, survivability and PLAN’s reach.

The Type-003 is, in overall terms, similar in size the the U.S. Navy’s super carriers.


WNU Editor: From nothing to building a super carrier within a decade. China still has a long way to go before they can match the U.S., but they are making incredible progress.

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