Australian Navy Ship Twerking Video Causes An Uproar

ABC News (Australia): Dance troupe 101 Doll Squadron defends performance at HMAS Supply launch in Sydney

A Sydney dance troupe whose performance at the launch of a new $2 billion navy ship was panned as inappropriate have blamed coverage by the ABC and other media for making them feel "threatened" and "unsafe", after footage of the routine went viral.

The group, known as 101 Doll Squadron, singled out the ABC for what they called "deceptive editing". In a widely circulated ABC video, the troupe are seen performing — and at times, "twerking" — in front of stony-faced dignitaries attending the launch of the HMAS Supply in Woolloomooloo.


Update #1: Why Australia is in hysterics over a 'navy twerking' dance (BBC)

Update #2: Twerking dancers performing on new Aussie navy ship denounce ‘creepy’ state TV network for ‘publicly upskirting’ them (RT)

WNU Editor: Bottom line. There will be no more twerking performances when a Navy ship is commissioned in Australia ….. Australia bans twerking troupes at navy ceremonies (The Times).

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