Russian military integrates Orlan-10 and Takhion UAVs with Msta-B howitzers

Russia’s artillery units have integrated the newest Orlan-10 and Takhion tactical reconnaissance unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) with 2A65 Msta-B 152 mm towed howitzers.

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Orlan-10 UAV. The Orlan-10 systems can control four drones simultaneously. It can also organize a network of 30 operators to control the payloads of simultaneously launched drones. Orlan-10 takeoff weight is 14 kg and the payload is up to 5 kg. It is equipped with a photo camera, gyro-stabilized TV camera and an infrared imager. The cruising speed is 90-150 km/h and the practical ceiling is 5000 meters. Flight duration is 16 hours and the range is up to 120 km from the ground control station (up to 600 km in autonomous regime) (Picture source:

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