DARPA Wants U.S. Soldiers Using Jet Packs On The Battlefield

#FunFactFriday – The Royal Navy has been testing Jet Suit assault teams to determine if the Iron Man-like suits could be used to rapidly swarm and board ships. U.S. Special Operations Command is also evaluating a jetpack that can reach speeds of more than 200 mph. pic.twitter.com/mo5FoGWkDu

— U.S. Naval Institute (@NavalInstitute) October 16, 2020

Zdero Hedge: DARPA Wants Jetpack Soldiers On Modern Battlefield
Jet suits are commonly associated with science fiction movies or shows, but high-tech miniature turbine engines have quickly advanced this new type of mobility to become a reality.
Now Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is searching for an Iron Man-style jet suit as per its new solicitation on website Sam.Gov (System for Award Management). DARPA is calling on private industry to deliver jet suits or "Portable Personal Air Mobility System."
WNU Editor: I have always wanted a jet pack after seeing James Bond flying around in one (see below). It looks like half a century later, it may become possible.
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