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I see the Chinese have been reading some of the selections from the CNO reading list.

— cdrsalamander (@cdrsalamander) March 19, 2021

Brazil registers second deadliest day in COVID pandemic, with 2,724 deaths

— Reuters (@Reuters) March 19, 2021

Biden supporters in the media tell us that the UAE is fed up with Netanyahu. They fail to note that Team Biden told Abu Dhabi that the UAE's relations with Washington will suffer if they make common cause with Netanyahu. Biden wants to kill the Abraham Accords.

— Mike (@Doranimated) March 18, 2021

Forecasters: Watch out for drought this spring with nearly two-thirds of the U.S. already abnormally dry or worse.

— AP Health & Science (@APHealthScience) March 18, 2021

GOING VIRAL: Video of Philadelphia’s Kensington Ave. looks like something from an apocalyptic movie!

— Breaking911 (@Breaking911) March 18, 2021

It's #AwkwardMomentsDay. In 2014, the Portuguese Navy held a press conference with Portugal's defense minister to demonstrate their new drone. The event had an awkward moment when the drone was launched and immediately plummeted into the water.

— U.S. Naval Institute (@NavalInstitute) March 18, 2021

Polish skydiver star Maja Kuczynska and race pilot Lukasz Czepiela try to outdo each other with aerial tricks in a contest called Game of A.I.R.

— Reuters (@Reuters) March 19, 2021

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Tweets Of The Day

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