Russia Threatens To Block Twitter In A Month If Banned Content Is Not Removed

Daily Mail: Putin vows to take down Twitter: Service will be blocked in Russia in 30 days if it does not delete 'banned content' related to porn, suicide and Alexis Navalny protests
* Russia has vowed to remove Twitter in a month in a row over 'banned content' * Watchdog says site failed to remove content about suicide, drugs and child porn * But critics say move is designed to stop opposition leaders organising protests * Comes a day after Alexei Navalny posted his first update from inside jail
Russia has threatened to block Twitter within 30 days unless the site acts to remove what the government refers to as 'banned content'.
Vadim Subbotin, deputy head of watchdog Roskomnadzor, said on Tuesday that the ban would come into effect unless Twitter removed the content, which he said includes child porn and information on child suicide and drugs.
But critics say the crackdown is actually an attempt to stop Putin's political opponents organizing rallies, as they did in a number of cities earlier this year.
WNU Editor: Twitter says it is concerned that Russia's actions will limit free speech. This coming from a company that has blocked and/or deleted numerous accounts that have been banned because of political and/or ideological differences.
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