Rich Nations Are Vaccinating One Person Per Second While The Majority Of The Poorest Nations Are Yet To Give A Single Covid-19 Dose

SHOCKING: Rich countries are vaccinating 1 person every second while the majority of the poorest nations are yet to give a single #COVID19 dose.
Suspend patents to stop Big Pharma monopolies.
Support #TRIPSwaiver
We need a #PeoplesVaccine

— The People's Vaccine (@peoplesvaccine) March 10, 2021

Common Dreams: 'Disturbing': Rich Nations Vaccinating Person Per Second While Blocking Effort to Share Recipe With Poor Countries
"There is no reason we have to prioritize the profits of pharmaceutical companies over the dignity of people in other countries," said U.S. Rep. Ro Khanna.
The governments of the world's wealthiest countries—including the U.S., Canada, and the United Kingdom—are facing growing backlash for continuing to block an India and South Africa-led proposal to temporarily waive a restrictive global intellectual property rights agreement, an effort aimed at spurring broad-based production of coronavirus vaccines and getting the shots to poor nations struggling to administer a single dose.
According to Oxfam International, a member of the People's Vaccine Alliance, "rich countries are vaccinating at a rate of one person per second yet are siding with a handful of pharmaceutical corporations in protecting their monopolies against the needs of the majority of developing countries."
WNU Editor: It is always about the money, and in this case, also control.Original Article

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