Pentagon Looking At Modular Solar Generators To Help Power Remote Bases

Warzone/The Drive: Modular Solar Generators Could Be Key In Helping Power Remote Bases During A Major Conflict
Solar generators that fit inside standard shipping containers could help revolutionize energy logistics for critical expeditionary operations.
While most discussions about defense technology tend to center on weaponry and transportation, one of the most pressing technological concerns for any military operation is energy. It takes quite a bit of energy to power an operating base of any size, especially expeditionary ones that might be in remote areas or locations without sufficient existing energy infrastructure. The Department of Defense is the largest single user of fuel in the world and accounts for 76% of the United States federal government's total energy usage. Energy costs account for billions of dollars of the DOD's budget each year, and reducing energy costs and boosting both efficiency and sustainability is a key part of its current energy strategy, but it may also be critical to the success of its future operations.
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