Chile Is A Success Story On Providing Vaccinations For Its Populations

VOX News: How Chile built one of the world’s most successful vaccination campaigns
The Latin American country bet big on vaccines and relied on a strong primary health care network. Now, a quarter of the country has had at least one shot.
Dr. Joxelin Flores Taborda, who is based in Santiago, Chile, got her second dose of Coronavac last week. She had a little headache afterward. But “a good headache,” she called it. “I was thinking, ‘The vaccine is doing something inside me.’”
Flores is a pediatrician who specializes in pulmonology. She and her colleagues who work in health care were among the first to receive vaccines at the start of Chile’s Covid-19 vaccination campaign in early February.
Update #1: Chile becomes Latin America’s COVID-19 vaccination champion (AP) Update #2: How Chile became a leader in Covid-19 vaccination (CNN)
WNU Editor: This vaccination stands in stark contrast to all of Chile's neighbors. But it has been a rough journey. As of today Chile has had 892,000 Covid-19 cases, and 21,700 deathsOriginal Article

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