North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un’s Personal Health Is The Biggest Threat To His Power

People think I’m joking when I say Kim Jong Un’s health is the biggest risk to his rule. I’m not. Look at this:

— Anna Fifield (@annafifield) February 12, 2021

ABC News (Australia): North Korean leader Kim Jong Un's health is the biggest threat to his power — and his sister's only shot at succession
The United States is about to deploy its diplomatic and military heft to the Korean peninsula to re-set relations after fours years of Donald Trump's highly unusual approach to the region.
Although meetings with North Korea's leader Kim Jong Un do not form part of the itinerary, his metaphorical shadow looms large over the trip as the Americans and South Koreans discuss how to get him back to the negotiating table.
Mr Kim is the third in his family to hold the title of Supreme Leader of North Korea and, at just 37 years old, he could potentially rule for several more decades.
But some experts believe his preference for expensive champagne, imported cheese, Russian vodka and cigarettes are the greatest threat to the Kim Jong Un dynasty.
WNU Editor: He has definitely gained a lot of weight in the past decade. That is what happens for many when life is good.Original Article

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