North Korea Ignoring Biden Administration’s Outreach Since February

BBC: North Korea 'not responding' to US contact efforts
US President Joe Biden's administration says it has been trying to contact the North Korean government since February but has yet to receive a response.
Washington had tried to reach Pyongyang in several different ways to prevent tensions escalating, officials said.
The US and North Korea remain at loggerheads over North Korea's nuclear and ballistic missile programs.
WNU editor: Not surprised by North Korea's silence. Kim jong-un had a personal relationship with former President Trump. He has none with the Biden administration. The pandemic has also hit North Korea particularly hard, with much of their focus now on handling this crisis. Ditto with the U.S.. The North Koreans know the White House primary focus is on handling the pandemic, not opening new doors with Pyongyang. My advice to the Biden administration is to keep on trying to establish relations with North Korea. With time the North Koreans are going to respond.
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