Will The Biden Administration Order The Withdrawal Of US Forces From Afghanistan In The Next 50 Days

CNN: Biden running out of time to make decision on future of US mission in Afghanistan as situation worsens
Washington (CNN)With 50 days until the United States is supposed to complete a total withdrawal of troops and personnel from Afghanistan — a move that a Pentagon report stated could be devastating to "the survival of the Afghan state as we know it" — the Biden administration is running out of time to decide on a way forward in a country reeling amid an upsurge in violence, endemic corruption, and a floundering economy.
Though the nominal deadline for a US withdrawal is May 1st, several defense officials told CNN that the US-led NATO alliance would like to see decisions taken no later than April 1 because of the challenges of removing US weaponry and equipment, amid concerns about some of it falling into the hands of the Taliban.
WNU Editor: According to the US secretary of State, no decision has been made …. No decision yet made on May 1st deadline (Khaama Press). As to what will be the final decision …. stay or leave?
My money is on the Biden administration listening to their "experts" …. Why staying in Afghanistan is the least bad choice for Biden (Madiha Afzal and Michael E. O’Hanlon, Brookings).Original Article

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