Deaths From Terrorist Acts Rose 17% Globally In 2020

Janes: Deadly threats persist: deaths from terrorist activity up 20%, says Janes
2020 full-year terrorism figures from Janes highlight 2,543 more deaths in 2020 from terrorist activity than in 2019 – despite operational activity slowing down.
LONDON (9 March) – Data from the 2020 Global Attack Index by Janes, spanning the entirety of 2020, demonstrates a total of 17,122 non-militant deaths in 2020 resulting from attacks by non-state armed groups (NSAG), a 17.4% increase from 2019. Despite this, information from the trusted global agency for open-source defence intelligence recorded a 3.7% decrease in attacks – with 13,310 attacks by NSAG recorded from open-sources.
“The overall downturn in attacks can be largely attributed to the July ceasefire in Ukraine’s Donbass region, which resulted in attacks dropping by one-third in the high-tempo separatist conflict,” said Matthew Henman, head of Terrorism and Insurgency at Janes. “This decrease masked major shifts in violence in Afghanistan and key conflict zones in sub-Saharan Africa, though, where attacks and resultant fatalities rose dramatically.”
Update: Deaths from terrorist acts rose by 17% globally in 2020 despite fewer attacks, terror index shows (RT)
WNU Editor: In the U.S. the focus is on domestic terrorism …. FBI chief warns violent ‘domestic terrorism’ growing in US (AP).Original Article

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