Military And Intelligence News Briefs — March 2, 2021

In some units, nearly three-quarters of enlistees are turning down the coveted shots- a figure that is alarming commanders given that the coronavirus pandemic continues to rage across the United States.Pictured: Military personnel preparing for the opening of a mass Covid-19 vaccination site in New York last month
Daily Mail: A THIRD of all military personnel are refusing to receive the COVID-19 vaccine with alarmed commanders aiming to make the shot mandatory 'as soon as possible'
* A third of all military personnel are refusing the COVID-19 vaccine * Some are citing the rushed rollout of the anthrax vaccine in the 1990s as the reason why they do not want to receive the new COVID jab * In 1997, the military made it mandatory for service personnel to receive the anthrax shot; thousands subsequently complained of debilitating side effects * A lengthy legal battle ensued, before the courts determined that the FDA hadn't 'adequately studied' how effective the shot was against the inhalation anthrax * Commanders concede they need to do a better job of messaging and allaying fears among military members that they are being used as 'testers' for the jab * Other personnel are citing wild conspiracy theories about the vaccine, including one who refused the shot for fear it was implanting a tracking device
A third of all military personnel are refusing to take the COVID-19 vaccine, and in some units just 30% of enlistees are willing to have a shot, according to a new report.
The figure is alarming commanders as the coronavirus pandemic continues to rage across the United States. Personnel who refuse the vaccine will face no repercussions due to a federal law that 'prohibits the mandatory application of medicines within the military that are not fully licensed by the US Food and Drug Administration', The Nation reports.
Military And Intelligence News Briefs — March 2, 2021
The Military Can’t Get Troops to Take the Covid Vaccine. Come Again? — The Nation
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US to Consider Arms Sales to Saudi Arabia on Case-by-Case Basis Through Process Led by NSC — Sputnik
Report: U.S., South Korea begin crisis management training — UPI
Swedish Armed Forces Warn Government's Green Push May Leave Military Without Fuel — Sputnik
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Germany's special forces look the other way on missing weapons — DW
North Korea's nuclear activity raises 'serious concern,' IAEA says — UPI
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Why Super Soldiers May Soon Be a Nightmare Turned Reality — Sandboxx NewsOriginal Article

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