Military And Intelligence News Briefs — March 1, 2021

The airstrike was the first military action undertaken by the Biden administration, after repeated tensions between Iran and the Trump White House over the previous four years which reached a peak following Qassem Soleimani's killing in early 2020
Daily Mail: Biden's first air strike: Satellite images reveal how seven 500lb bombs wiped out Iranian-backed Shia militia compound in Syria 'killing 22 fighters' – as Pentagon calls attack 'the more restrained option'
* The US dropped seven 500lbs bombs on site – which was used by two Iranian-backed Shia militia groups * Images taken before the blast shows the border compound with around buildings inside it * But after Thursday's attack all the buildings have been obliterated and there is a sea of blackened debris
Before-and-after satellite images have revealed the devastation caused to a Syrian militia compound by the first military action of President Biden's administration.
The US dropped seven 500lbs bombs on the site – which was used by two Iranian-backed Shia militia groups – killing an estimated 22 fighters.
Images taken before the blast shows the large compound – located around 370 yards from the Iraqi border – with around a dozen buildings inside it.
Military And Intelligence News Briefs — March 1, 2021
U.S. used F-15E Strike Eagles, precision-guided munitions in Syria airstrikes — UPI
What’s the significance of Biden’s first military strikes in Syria? — Brookings Institute
Democrats renew push for war powers overhaul after Biden’s Syria strike — Politico
Why Didn’t U.S. Air Defenses At Erbil Airport Fire During Recent Rocket Attack? — Forbes
US Officials Reportedly Raise Threat Level for Troops Stationed in Iraq After Recent Syria Strikes — Sputnik
Austin mulling whether to send carrier Ike back to the Middle East — Military Times
Army’s Infantry Squad Vehicle undergoes tests at Arizona’s Yuma Proving Ground — Army Times
Air Force general worried US won’t field sixth-gen fighter in time to beat China — Defense News
TacAir Study Will Determine If F-35 Production Surge Needed — Air Force Magazine
B-52 Could Get New Hypersonic Missile: Global Strike Commander — Breaking Defense
No Way Out: Why Nuclear Modernization Is Necessary (In Six Slides) — Loren Thompson, Forbes
Space Force sees itself as a startup trying to launch a new product — Space News
Don’t Skimp on Space S&T — Peter Garretson, RCD
Cruiser USS Vella Gulf returns home to repair fuel oil leak — UPI
U.S. Navy destroyer arrives in Port Sudan, days after Russian frigate — UPI
2 U.S. Navy ships in Middle East with COVID-19 outbreaks ordered back to port — UPI
Algorithmic Warfare: Spending on Quantum Tech on the Upswing — National Defense
Pentagon releases training materials to address extremism — The Hill
How the National Cyber Director Position Is Going to Work: Frequently Asked Questions — John Costello & Mark Montgomery, Lawfare
The Military Can’t Get Troops to Take the Covid Vaccine. Come Again? — The Nation
Secretary of Defense Addresses Vaccine Hesitancy in Military — US Department of Defense
Senate Armed Services chair expects 'some extension' of troops in Afghanistan — The Hill
US wasted billions of dollars in Afghanistan: watchdog — The Hill
With Fewer US Troops in Europe, MQ-9 Reaper Drones Are Filling the Gap —
British tanks to receive next-generation camouflage — Defence Bog
Canada’s CAE buys L3Harris military training unit, with eyes on US programs — Defense News
'Shortcomings of Greater Nature': Danish Chief of Defence Says Country is Vulnerable to Airstrikes — Sputnik
Almost 40 jets, drones were sent on reconnaissance missions near Russian borders last week — TASS
China to hold month-long military drills in South China Sea — Global Times
China Rattles Its Rare-Earth-Minerals Saber, Again — National Review
China Seeks 'to Build Up Survivability' of Nuclear Arsenal to Counter US Threat, Analyst Claims — Sputnik
China’s defense budget to continue to rise in 2021, buttressed by economic upturn, strong fiscal foundation: experts — Global Times
How Japan Is Upgrading Its Military — Sheila A. Smith, Council on Foreign RelationsOriginal Article

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