A Singapore-Based Aerospace Company Says It Is Developing A Combat Drone Capable Of Supersonic Speeds

Kelley Aerospace
Futurism: Three Words: Supersonic. Combat. Drones.
SKYNET in the sky basically.
A Singapore-based aerospace company has developed a combat drone capable of reaching supersonic speeds.
Kelley Aerospace unveiled their concept for an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) called the Arrow last week, according to Auto Evolution. The drone’s capable of flying more than 2,600 nautical miles at mach 2.1, or 1,611 miles per hour. That means the drone can fly from Los Angeles to Tokyo in a little over three hours — all while breaking the sound barrier.
Oh, and: It looks, straight up, like a UFO.
Update #1: Kelley Aerospace Officially Launches Supersonic Drone Concept Arrow (Interesting Engineering) Update #2: Supersonic Combat Drones Are a Thing Now Thanks to Kelley Aerospace (AutoEvolution)
WNU Editor: It is at the concept stage. Let's see if they can develop and build it to fly as advertised.Original Article

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