Amnesty International: Eritrean Forces Are Committing Ethnic Cleansing In The Tigray Region Of Ethiopia

Reuters: Amnesty says Eritrean troops killed hundreds of Ethiopian civilians in Axum
NAIROBI (Reuters) – Amnesty International accused Eritrean forces on Friday of killing hundreds of civilians in northern Ethiopia over 24 hours last year, an incident it described as a potential crime against humanity.
Eritrea rejected the accusations. But an Ethiopian state human rights body issued a statement that also described such killings, though with fewer details.
It was a rare official acknowledgment from Ethiopia that Eritrean troops participated in the conflict during the government’s crackdown in the Tigray region last year.
Amnesty said it had spoken to 41 witnesses who described the mass killings of “many hundreds of civilians” by Eritrean troops in Axum, an ancient city in northern Ethiopia.
WNU Editor: The Amnesty International report is here …. Ethiopia: Eritrean troops’ massacre of hundreds of Axum civilians may amount to crime against humanity (Amnesty International). A separate US report is also making the same claims …. Ethiopia's War Leads to Ethnic Cleansing in Tigray Region, U.S. Report Says (New York Times)
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