Russian Convoy Of S-400 Missile Launcher Trucks Involved In Multi-Vehicle Pileup In Moscow

RT: Advanced missile launcher that strikes fear into hearts of US pilots foiled by icy Russian roads after multi-car pileup (VIDEO)
It might already have wowed analysts with its ability to blow warplanes out of the sky, but one Russian army driver has carried out an impromptu test of the S-400 mobile missile launcher’s airbags, rear-ending a fellow motorist.
On Thursday, footage emerged from the Moscow region of what was reported to be the advanced weapons system having plowed into the back of a van belonging to the military traffic police, which in turn collided with the car in front. Several vehicles were caught in the resulting pile up.
WNU Editor: Driving in Moscow in the middle of winter to now driving in the middle of winter in Canada. Take it from me. It is the same same shit. My brother is the smart one. He moved to California and he loves the warmer weather.Original Article

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