The Rise Of The ‘Digital-Intelligence Complex’

Eric Felten, RealClearInvestigations: 60 Years After Eisenhower's Warning, Distinct Signs of a 'Digital-Intelligence Complex'
In June 2019, Susan Gordon stood on a stage at the Washington Convention Center.
Behind her loomed three giant letters, “AWS,” the abbreviation for Amazon Web Services, the cloud computing division of the giant Internet retailer.
After three decades at the Central Intelligence Agency, Gordon had risen to one of the top jobs in the cloak-and-dagger world: principal deputy director of national intelligence. From that perch she publicly extolled the virtues of Amazon Web Services and the cloud services the tech giant provides the CIA.
WNU Editor: Read the whole thing.
On a personal note. I am involved in a few web projects. We do not use Amazon's cloud services for the reasons outlined in the above post. Bottom line …. I do not feel comfortable that Amazon would respect our privacy. Also, after what happened to Parler when Amazon decided to quickly end their hosting services, I do not trust them to be even remotely involved in that.Original Article

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