IDEX 2021: UAE National SAR Centre collaborates with IAS to evaluate world first fully functional Day-Night Optical Radar

Following the deployment of day only Optical Radar systems by the USCG, the United Arab Emirates becomes the first country in the world to operationally evaluate a fully functional day/night optical radar, when it integrates the IAS HeliSAR Optical Radar into the UAE National Search and Rescue Centre (NSRC) AW139 search and rescue helicopter. As a global leader in the development and deployment of wide area optical search systems, IAS will be deploying its innovative Generation II HeliSAR Search and Rescue (SAR) for the first time to the Middle East.

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HeliSAR is specifically optimised for Helicopter Search and Rescue (SAR) operations featuring an exceptionally small, unobtrusive footprint that requires minimal modification to an existing STC. HeliSAR is designed to autonomously find people lost at sea, rafts adrift, or vessels in distress without any form of operator involvement. (Picture source: Ideas At Sea)

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