Canada’s Parliament To Vote On Monday Recognizing Beijing’s Treatment Of Uighurs As A Genocide

Toronto Star: Canadian MPs consider motion calling Beijing’s treatment of Uighurs ‘genocide’
Canadian MPs recognizing Beijing’s treatment of Uighurs as a genocide would be a welcome development, says a United States representative for the Commission on International Religious Freedom.
Nury Turkel said such a motion, debated in Ottawa Thursday, is long overdue and added the U.S. “reasonably expects” its allies and partners to also join the effort to stop the Chinese Communist Party’s (CPP) actions in the Xinjiang Uighur Atonomous Region.
“As president (Joe) Biden said, this is something that needs to be tackled multilaterally,” Turkel, himself a Uighur, told the Star. “It’s a welcome and positive direction.”
Update #1: 'We must act': Calls grow louder for Liberals to label China's treatment of Uyghurs a genocide (National Post) Update #2: 'Name it for what it is': MPs implore PM to label China's treatment of Uighurs a genocide (CTV News)
WNU Editor: This motion, introduced by the opposition Conservatives, is non-binding and doesn’t detail further steps to be taken should it pass a vote Monday. But the symbolism of it passing is huge. Not surprising …. the reaction from China has been predictable …. Chinese ambassador denounces pending vote by MPs on declaring genocide against Uighurs (CBC).Original Article

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