The US Navy Sailors Who Disarm Mines And Bombs

Aerographers Mate 2nd Class Robert Carlson (left) and Aerographers Mate 3rd Class Rachel Myers deploy a Mark 18 (Blake Midnight/U.S. Navy)
Daily Press: For the Navy sailors who disarm mines and bombs, the learning never stops
For Master Chief Petty Officer Brian Jurgens, the first lesson about trying to become a Navy explosive ordnance disposal tech wasn’t about learning how to dive. It was about learning how to learn.
“There were no multiple-choice questions. You have to learn the gas laws, and you have to memorize them and then you have to understand why that’s important,” he said.
As the Navy’s EOD sailors move into the new domains sketched in the command’s new 2020-30 Strategic Plan, Jurgens, a 28-year Navy veteran, said he thinks that keeping a focus on learning is going to be a key.
Learning about learning for a Nebraska kid who struggled with Algebra II came in handy when he won a coveted chance to try for an EOD rating, a few years after he joined the Navy.
WNU Editor: this career is not for the weak-hearted.Original Article

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