Satellite Images Show The Aftermath Of 500 Burned Tanker Trucks In Afghanistan

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— Vishnu Som (@VishnuNDTV) February 18, 2021

Warzone/The Drive: Satellite Images Show Horrible Aftermath Of Explosion That Burned Hundreds Of Trucks In Afghanistan
An exploding truck triggered a chain reaction at a critical border crossing between Afghanistan and Iran.
Satellite imagery has revealed the full extent of the devastation following a massive fire that incinerated hundreds of tanker trucks in Afghanistan. The incident occurred at a border crossing point between that country and neighboring Iran this past weekend. Authorities say that the blaze, which also injured at least 20 people, was triggered by the explosion of one tanker that set off a chain reaction, but what caused the initial detonation remains under investigation.
WNU Editor: A lot of livelihoods were destroyed that day.Original Article

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