Is President Biden About To Commit To New Missile Defenses?

Exoatmospheric Kill Vehicle defends the US against ballistic missiles by destroying them while they are still in space.
Breaking Defense: Biden Pledged New Missile Defenses, His Pentagon May Be About To Deliver
There have been questions about the Biden Administration's missile defense plan; some of those may be answered in coming weeks
WASHINGTON: The Pentagon plans to take a big step in its long and costly effort to build a new missile defense system, the Next Generation Interceptor program, in coming weeks.
The NGI is trying to pick up where the Redesigned Kill Vehicle program left off when it was scrapped in 2019 after burning through $1.2 billion on research and development and being found wanting.
But the Missile Defense Agency has taken its time on the NGI work, issuing requirements in 2019 and doing its homework on how and why the previous effect failed.
Update: Biden’s Pentagon Backs Missile Defense After a $1.2 Billion Flop (Bloomberg).
WNU Editor: The Biden administration's decision on the Next Generation Interceptor program will be announced in the coming weeks. But this missile defense program has already been green-lighted …. In signal to Iran, Israel, US begin developing Arrow-4 missile defense system (Jerusalem Post).Original Article

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