German Study Says A Laboratory Accident Is The Most Likely Cause Of The Covid-19 Coronavirus Pandemic

Professor Roland Wiesendanger (University of Hamburg / S.E.)
Swiss Policy Research: German Study: Laboratory Accident Most Likely Cause of Coronavirus Pandemic
Professor Dr. Roland Wiesendanger, a leading German nanotechnology expert and three-time recipient of the prestigious European Research Council Advanced Grant, has completed a one-year, hundred-page study on the origin of the novel coronavirus, Sars-Cov-2. Professor Wiesendanger concludes that “both the number and quality of the circumstantial evidence point to a laboratory accident at the virological institute in the city of Wuhan as the cause of the current pandemic.”
In the following, SPR provides an English translation of the official German press release of the University of Hamburg. The hundred-page German study by Prof. Wiesendanger can be found here.
WNU Editor: The World Health Organziation disagrees with this analysis …. Virologist: WHO Team Found No 'Credible Link' Between Wuhan Labs, COVID-19 (NPR).Original Article

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