COVID Infections Continue To Fall Worldwide

Experts are at odds as to why the metrics have risen and fallen at the same time around the world, despite immensely different lockdown tactics being deployed. Daily Mail: Why IS Covid in retreat around the world? Global cases fell by 16% last week and have been in decline for over a month… even though experts say it's too early for vaccines to be working
* Marks fifth consecutive week infections have declined after peaking at 5million in the week ending January 4 * Covid cases fell fastest in Africa and Western Pacific, followed by Europe, the Americas and South-East Asia * Experts at odds as to why infections are falling universally around world despite different lockdown tactics
The coronavirus pandemic appears to be firmly in retreat around the world, with every corner of the globe seeing infections fall except the Middle East.
World Health Organization (WHO) figures show the number of new Covid cases fell by 16 per cent worldwide last week to 2.7million.
It marks the fifth consecutive week infections have dropped after peaking at more than 5million in the week ending January 4.
Covid deaths are also falling.
Infections plunged fastest in Africa and the Western Pacific (down 20 per cent), followed by Europe (18 per cent), the Americas (16 per cent) and South-East Asia (13 per cent).
MailOnline's analysis shows Myanmar was the nation that actually saw the biggest drop in cases, followed by Thailand and Sierra Leone.
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