20 for 2020: Number 9—Faith Fondue

The Judds. Florida Georgia Line. Dan and Shay. The Bee Gees. Oh wait, the Brothers Gibb are three for the price of one. I am partial to a good duo—especially in music. The way that two voices blend—one acting in harmony against the melody to create something new, something different, something even better fascinates me. Thus, it is appropriate that I dipped my toes into the world of podcasting by working in tandem with my friend and now virtual partner— Haley. We are the duo behind Faith Fondue. Happy to celebrate a great podcast as number nine on my 20 for 2020, and my final post of this year.

With six episodes under our belt, Faith Fondue is up and running! You can now subscribe to our podcast via our own YouTube Channel. Please share it with others. When and if you do, you can tell them that

Faith Fondue is a new podcast featuring author & speaker—Haley DeMaria and teacher & blogger—Anne Stricherz.

Faith Fondue features a melting pot of topics, ignited by a flame, our faith, the Holy Spirit. No politics, as fondue is a Swiss cheese, and therefore neutral. Anne and Haley are equal opportunity prayers; we pray for everyone.

Each week we unpack a new and timely theme. It should come as no surprise that our next theme is new year's resolutions.

Faith Fondue runs off a weekly script that follows this format:

  1. The flame—What's hot? What's cooking?: In this section, Haley and I loop back to the prior week's theme and unpack what we have marinating in light the new one.
  2. Spiritual Stew serves as the "meat" of our podcast. We share a Gospel reading or faith filled article that we want our listeners to learn from, read, pray with or hear.
  3. The Melting Pot includes our takeaways from our time together or what we hope listeners will carry with them. I like to feature pieces of perspective or nuggets of inspiration. We have been known to have our "cheesy story" of the week in this final chapter, too. It's fun!

Hosting a podcast invites one to look and listen to the world in a new way. Much like my blog, this podcast serves as a portal for prayer and though personal, allows me to connect in a meaningful way with others. Having to develop content for our weekly script is far from a burden. Rather, it is privilege to even have a platform to lend my voice to the voice of another in the effort of creating something neither of us could do on our own.
Thank you, Haley reaching out to create something we hope will help others in their own journey of faith. We invite you to join us around the fondue pot. Enjoy!
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