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is fun a cognitive distortion for PE and sport coaching?

It is frequent to read a blog or post somewhere on social media about the importance of 'fun' in PE and sport coaching settings. Sometimes, fun is suggested in these posts as the remedy for poor participation in PE and for youth retention in sport. Fun Integration Theory suggests fun …

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Fitness Testing and Physical Education

Fitness testing (FT) in physical education is a controversial topic. Advantages of fitness testing in PE is that the tests are generally safe to implement, involve minimal equipment, and they are easy to administer. When FT's are used as stimulus material for education about movement, such as components of fitness …

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What’s bodily schooling? A Siedentopian reply.

I just lately got here throughout Siedentop's (1990) e-book, Introduction to Bodily Training, Health and Sport. On this e-book, there’s a few chapters explaining the emergence of a 'new' bodily schooling from the mid 1880's and the fading of bodily schooling as coaching of the physique by means of gymnastics …

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